Scottsdale Couples Counseling for a Thriving Relationship

Finding the best Scottsdale couples counseling for you and your partner can be challenging. It is important to find counselors who have the ability to both listen and understand you and your partner’s thoughts and feelings. A good therapist will help you both to feel comfortable enough to talk about the sensitive topics you may otherwise struggle to discuss. Don’t worry; we’re here to help!

At Ezra Counseling, we understand it is normal for couples to struggle. We provide a nonjudgmental environment to help facilitate the openness needed to have the ability to discuss your feelings and concerns with one another. We will work with you to find the unhealthy patterns and roadblocks in your relationship and begin to dismantle them at the core. We will also discuss the unhealthy patterns and activities and explore healthy solutions. We desire you and your partner to have a thriving and happy relationship.

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When To Seek Counseling

It is a good time to seek out couples counseling when you and your partner are struggling to communicate effectively. You may also seek out counseling when there are unclear boundaries or when past relationship experiences are hindering your current relationship. Our experienced counselors will listen to each of you, determine the core issues of your relationship, and collaborate with and guide you to healthier solutions.

Our counselors will encourage each of you to open up without favoring one person or the other, or taking sides. Our desire is for this to be a safe space and keep it from being lopsided. We may provide each partner deep explanations for the way they feel or their thought patterns. This will help you and your partner understand and have greater empathy for one another. Our counselors will point out and explain the signs and triggers that you and your partner are falling into unhealthy habits. We always want to provide healthier alternatives, and much more.

Relationships that are going well can benefit as well. Our Scottsdale couples counseling offers help to root out and remedy any potential issues before they become major problems. We can help maintain healthy relationships by providing you with habits and routines to deepen your connection to one another and increase the joy you bring each other.

Our Scottsdale Couples Counselors Can Help

Relationships are like flowers; when nurtured and cared for properly, you will have a vibrant, healthy blossom. When relationships are neglected, it will wither, decay, and eventually die. Our counselors are experts at getting to the core of your problems and assisting you in opening up and understanding each other. With their help, you will be able to nurture and build happy and long-lasting relationships.

Over time, it is easy to accidentally nurture a few unhealthy habits. Couples often find themselves avoiding certain topics of conversation to avoid disagreements. Our counselor will help you understand why and how you have fallen into these habits and assist you in recognizing the signs of falling back into them. We want you to provide you with plenty of healthy alternatives.

For example, recognizing a pattern of retreating from a topic. With the proper tools you can confront the difficult subject instead of fleeing from it.

How To Take The First Step

Seeking counseling is not a sign of failure or defeat; far from it. Instead, recognizing the issues you and your partner simply can not work out on your own, is like seeing a doctor to remedy a sickness, you can not heal on your own.

Our Scottsdale counseling experts are more than willing to help you improve communication, intimacy, trust, and self-esteem. We can help you recognize each other’s boundaries, needs; and so much more. To begin improving your relationship connect with Ezra Counseling online to get the process started.

Once you provide us with your first and last name, email address, subject line, and a description of your troubles or what you are looking for, we will reply as soon as possible. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at or call (602) 576-4459 for additional assistance.

We provide more than Scottsdale couples counseling. We also offer to counsel individuals as young as six and provide group therapies as well. You can practice secular and faith-based therapeutic yoga in groups of up to 6 people. Therapeutic yoga helps relieve anxiety, stress, raises self-esteem, treats depression, addiction, and more.

We also offer an anxiety reduction group. This group helps you understand and reduce anxiety; with up to 9 other people. More groups will be coming soon. You can view more information about us or even sign up for group therapy online.

Your Questions Answered

The issues you work through, the session topics, and the solutions you find will depend heavily on the goals set early in your counseling process. Most of the time, you and your partner can expect to get to the core of your problems, understanding their history, and working out the best possible solutions to correct them.

When specific incidents of difficulty are brought up, counselors are trained to watch for the origins of disconnect. Oftentimes in communication or emotion. Your counselor will assist you in overcoming these barriers.

Of course! Couples counseling before marriage can deepen your relationship. It helps you find solutions and establish healthy habits early on.

Working through issues early on will help increase the chances of a positive outcome and deepen your relationship. This can increase both of your happiness; even if your relationship does not last as long as you had hoped.

After meeting all together, each person will likely meet with the counselor privately for the second and third sessions. After that, individual work is typically referred out to another therapist. This ensures no biases in your couples counseling.

Remember that since couples counseling is about you working through your issues together, nothing in the private sessions will be kept secret from your partner and may be discussed openly as necessary.

Typically couples counseling is reserved for couples counseling. Sometimes, people start with individual counseling and bring their partner in for a couple sessions. If more couples sessions are needed, a couples counselor will be recommended.

We understand that there can be many reasons why you may choose to discuss relationship concerns alone. We are willing to help you work through those issues at your own pace. We can assess together if and when couples counseling would be beneficial..

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