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Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic yoga is a gentle way to help bring nervous system regulation and a build somatic sense of safety. It enables participants to explore a relationship of trust within their own bodies; living a more embodied life.

Therapeutic yoga uses trauma-sensitive language; inviting mindfulness, breath, movement, and choice in the present moment. Therapeutic yoga is helpful in treating anxiety, depression, trauma recovery, self-esteem, addiction, and other mental health related issues.

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Trauma & Yoga Group

Facilitated & created by: Mandy Higginbotham

Dates & Time TBD –

Understanding trauma & learning to safely be more safely embodied through therapeutic yoga

Tuesdays Times

Anxiety Reduction Group

Facilitated & created by: Irene Jacobs, LPC

Anxious Reduction Group. Join this anxiety group, you are not alone. Anxious feelings can impact our everyday lives and our relationships. Our central nervous system responds when we are activated by stress and unable to regulate ourselves appropriately. There can be physiological, mental and relational consequences to prolonged stress and anxiety. The facilitator will demonstrate somatic and cognitive techniques that can be applied in real life situations. This intensive experience will allow participants to explore the continuum of anxiety issues and disorders.

Space is limited. The 4- week anxiety group is will start once there is enough participants interested. If interested click button to provide your information and we will contact you.

$75/week (4 – 90 min groups)


• Review anxiety disorders/issues

• Understand the relationship between anxiety and the nervous system

• Identify consequences of anxiety

• Develop skills for anxiety reduction


1. Help those who struggle with Anxiety have more control of their symptoms

2. Engage in a supportive environment

3. Have a basic understanding of anxiety and the body

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We are currently working to provide more  groups in the areas of our team’s expertise. If you have a group request or suggestions please feel free to add your recommendations.

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